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Agenda for Committee meeting 23

The meeting will start at 20:00 Sydney Time on Monday 7th February 2005.

Apologies from: Paul DeBotton Dave Falvey


Munites of Jabber meeting:

(20:00:58) bbadger: OK - I declare committee meeting 23 open
(20:01:03) jbadger: OK
(20:01:09) dfalvey: OK
(20:01:15) bbadger: I have apologies from Dave and Paul
(20:01:20) bbadger: ... but Dave is here now
(20:01:34) dfalvey: thanks
(20:01:35) bbadger: On the the agenda
(20:01:40) bbadger: :-)
(20:01:48) bbadger: I propose that the minutes of the last meeting be accepted
(20:01:58) dfalvey: seconded
(20:01:59) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+Committee+meeting+22
(20:02:10) bbadger: Passed
(20:02:25) bbadger: This should be a quick meeting
(20:02:38) bbadger: The main aim is to deal with the SGM matters
(20:02:53) bbadger: But next on the agenda, we have membership
(20:02:59) bbadger: 92 members on the list (no change)
(20:03:04) bbadger: 29 members of the association (no change)
(20:03:20) bbadger: I'm hoping we can start to get these numbers up after the SGM
(20:03:26) bbadger: ... or *at* the SGM
(20:03:35) bbadger: Speaning of which:
(20:03:40) bbadger: Speaking, even
(20:03:46) bbadger: The SGM.
(20:03:55) bbadger: Well, the SGM is in a couple of days time (Wednesday evening):
(20:04:02) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/SGM+1
(20:04:09) bbadger: The information has been out about this for quite a while, and this time around we have only had a few comments/requests for change. I think that we are all squared away now.
(20:04:19) dfalvey: agree
(20:04:22) bbadger: We have 26 proxies, so that's just three members who have not sent in their proxy.
(20:04:30) bbadger: The proxies are worded such that they agree to abide by the decision of the committee. I propose now that we agree now that the committee recommends acceptance of all of the motions before the SGM.
(20:04:48) dfalvey: and they are
(20:05:02) jbadger: seconded
(20:05:03) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/SGM+1
(20:05:06) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/SGM+1
(20:05:15) bbadger: sorry - a stutter
(20:05:30) bbadger: Let me paste them into the minutes in full.
(20:05:33) bbadger: One mo
(20:05:48) bbadger: Considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions as special resolutions: That the Association will apply to become registered as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001; That the Association will apply to become registered as a company limited by guarantee under the name OpenSkills Limited That the members adopt the constitution as the Constitution of the Company in replacement of the Rules for OpenSkills Incorporated.
(20:06:09) bbadger: So, I again propose that we recommend these motions to the SGM
(20:06:20) dfalvey: seconded
(20:06:28) bbadger: Jolly good :-)
(20:06:33) bbadger: So, that is the recommendation of the committee and the way that all the proxies (except one which is a vote against the motions) will be cast.
(20:06:52) bbadger: This means that the SGM will be able to go forward to completion on Wednesday. The result will still depend of the vote on the day as any member may replace their proxy vote or turn up on the evening and vote in person.
(20:07:14) bbadger: But we are certain to be > the 75% this time
(20:07:27) dfalvey: excelent
(20:07:36) bbadger: The other legal things before the committee are still on hold untill we get the SGM behind us.
(20:07:48) bbadger: OK - any more on the SGM?
(20:08:06) dfalvey: no
(20:08:12) bbadger: OK
(20:08:15) bbadger: In that case, ... Systems & Infrastructure
(20:08:24) bbadger: The SkillsBase has been the subject of some comments and feedback on the OpenSkills-dev list. The change asked for by Anand (to have the defaults for a new skill be non-abstract and searchable) have been committed and will be in the next version. The system has a number of changes waiting to go in, but I've been focusing on the MMS and getting the SGM sorted out.
(20:08:49) bbadger: So the next SkillsBase version won;t be out for a few weeks
(20:08:50) dfalvey: :)
(20:09:02) bbadger: The EffortTracking system has been in for a few weeks now, and is being lightly used. I've used it a fair bit. I'll be explicitly asking for feedback on the list. The next step will be to declare the system a beta. This is awaiting access to the MMS database (so the Effort Tracking system can get member numbers from account names) and for the backup process to be implemented (because the Effort Tracking system uses a version of Ruby that requires a later version of PostgreSQL than on our SOE box, and so has it's own local PostgreSQL database).
(20:09:31) bbadger: Once the system is in beta we will guarantee that the data is safe, backed up etc
(20:09:46) bbadger: The MMS is starting to look like a system that can be a beta. With a little luck, I'll have something to demo at the SGM.
(20:09:56) bbadger: ... perhaps an alpha :-)
(20:09:57) dfalvey: great work
(20:10:23) bbadger: Ashley is working on the personal details editor.
(20:10:29) bbadger: Do you have an update Ashley?
(20:10:41) didymo: Not more than I've given you
(20:10:54) bbadger: In which case, things are going well :-)
(20:11:01) bbadger: OK. Next
(20:11:07) bbadger: Treasury: The bank balance is $637.21 - That's -$5 on last after paying for the eGive service.
(20:11:29) bbadger: That OK with you, O' Treasurer?
(20:12:08) dfalvey: Should we ask for subscriptions at the SGM?? Should we ask for subscriptions at the SGM
(20:12:23) dfalvey: otherwise thats Ok
(20:12:24) bbadger: I would prefer to drive that through the MMS
(20:12:28) dfalvey: OK
(20:12:32) bbadger: ... if that's ok
(20:12:39) dfalvey: :)
(20:12:50) bbadger: Right
(20:12:56) bbadger: Any other business?
(20:12:59) dfalvey: at least reminf people they are due
(20:13:09) bbadger: OK - I'll do that
(20:13:29) bbadger: Any other business?
(20:13:34) bbadger: 3
(20:13:38) bbadger: 2
(20:13:42) bbadger: 1
(20:13:46) bbadger: OK
(20:13:53) jbadger: are we going through the action list from last meeting?
(20:14:01) bbadger: Ah, OK
(20:14:04) dfalvey: always the PM
(20:14:08) bbadger: :-)
(20:14:22) jbadger: BB to correct Clause 15.2 of the Constitution and confirm with lawyers
(20:14:25) jbadger: I guess that's done.
(20:14:36) bbadger: Indeed - done, as reported to the list
(20:14:37) jbadger: BB to create a wiki page on strategy of system and code releases
(20:14:47) bbadger: Yes, let me get the link
(20:15:06) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net:10045/OpenSkills/FOSS+Release+Strategy
(20:15:17) bbadger: A little skimpy at the moment, but a start
(20:15:21) jbadger: thx.
(20:15:27) jbadger: BB to add to the Skillsbase to-do list re: add a “click here to join” on the SkillsBase serch results page.
(20:15:34) jbadger: Guess this will be in the next Skillsbase release?
(20:15:53) bbadger: Ah, yes, let me check the to-do list
(20:16:22) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/SkillsBase+Outstanding+Requirements
(20:16:34) jbadger: ok
(20:16:41) bbadger: Not there
(20:17:10) bbadger: Is now
(20:17:20) bbadger: Any more?
(20:17:21) jbadger: RC to send email to the OpenSkills dev list for a member volunteer to test the restore of the system backups.
(20:17:29) jbadger: Didn't recall seeing this.
(20:17:35) bbadger: I've not seen that either
(20:17:38) dfalvey: me neither
(20:17:39) bbadger: carry forward, then
(20:17:48) jbadger: ok.
(20:17:52) jbadger: RC to check availability of open-source audio conferencing tools for OpenSkills committee meetings.
(20:17:58) jbadger: carry forward when RC is available?
(20:18:02) bbadger: Not seen that either
(20:18:07) bbadger: yes
(20:18:12) jbadger: that's all from last meeting
(20:18:22) didymo: Motion on notice?
(20:18:27) dfalvey: Need to get Rob to speak to Staurt as he has some of this alrady working for our purposes
(20:18:32) bbadger: OK, I propose that we follow the actiosn agreed above
(20:18:44) bbadger: ...
(20:18:49) bbadger: ...
(20:18:57) dfalvey: agreed
(20:19:03) bbadger: Thanks
(20:19:11) bbadger: didymo: What motion on notice
(20:19:12) bbadger: ?
(20:19:47) didymo: My motion on notice that sparked RC into volunteering to investigate the audio link, as far as I know is stil on the table
(20:20:07) didymo: I am happy to retract it pending RC report
(20:20:18) bbadger: OK, what do you want to do with this motion which is on the table?
(20:20:38) bbadger: (did not appear in the minutes of the last meeting IIRC)
(20:21:01) bbadger: ?
(20:21:26) dfalvey: I though the motion turned into the action on Rob?
(20:21:35) didymo: May have
(20:21:37) bbadger: OK - that's fine then
(20:21:42) bbadger: Any other business?
(20:21:50) dfalvey: No
(20:21:51) jbadger: None from me.
(20:21:56) didymo: Correction to proposed constituion
(20:22:21) didymo: Thought I'd let Bruce get worried, no changes I am aware
(20:22:28) dfalvey: nasty
(20:22:31) bbadger: Ha ha ha
(20:22:46) bbadger: OK -
(20:22:52) bbadger: Date of next meeting: March 9th
(20:22:56) bbadger: I propose
(20:23:11) jbadger: 2nd wed of the month - seconded
(20:23:19) jbadger: where?
(20:23:29) bbadger: Here?
(20:23:38) bbadger: i.e. 1 Murray St
(20:23:43) bbadger: OK?
(20:23:47) dfalvey: OK
(20:23:52) bbadger: Grand
(20:23:53) jbadger: ok. since we dont have audio link to hook up doug
(20:23:59) bbadger: OK - I will declare the meeting closed in 5
(20:24:01) bbadger: 4
(20:24:03) bbadger: 3
(20:24:05) bbadger: 2
(20:24:07) bbadger: 1
(20:24:10) bbadger: Closed
(20:24:16) bbadger: Thanks all :-)

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