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Agenda for Committee meeting 22

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wednesday 12th January 2005.

Apologies from:

Doug Camp


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		12th January 2005, 7:15 pm
Location:	Jabber
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Ashley Maher		(AM)
		Rob Collins			(RC)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Doug Camp

1.Agree last minutes
2.Membership and Association
3.System and Infrastructure

Actions from Last Committee Meeting (12 Dec 2004):
1.BB to check rules for nbr of day's notice for SGM adjournment.
2.Any committee member to voice concerns re the SGM resolution on the committee mailing list before the next committee meeting.

Meeting Summary:
1.BB proposed to accept minutes.  PxB seconded.

2.92 on openskills-dev list.  29 paid-up members.  No change from last month.

3.AM mentioned that VP of South Coast Linux User Group would like the president of OpenSkills to make a presentation.
BB said it's OK.

4.BB mentioned that the SGM will be held on 9th Feb 2005.
AM raised 3 points on the new constitution:
1) Is Clause 7.2 pratical?   BB says "yes"

2) Should Clause 15.2 refer to Clause 15 itself, rather than Clause 14?  BB agrees that this is a problem and need to be fixed.

3) Use of "chairperson" rather than "chairman" might be interpreted as having some implication on the gender.  Committee discussed and thinks it is ok to use the word "chairperson".

5.Regarding Point 2 above, BB suggested either (a) edit the document and change the clause number or (b) post an addendum to correct the clause number.
Commttee discussed the 2 approaches.
BB proposed to correct the document, produce a diff, post onto the wiki and email it.
PxB proposed to amend the proposal that the chairman of the meeting should bring up the correction at the beginning of the SGM.
BB asked PxB to remind him at the start of the SGM.
BB re-proposed and seconded by PxB.
BB then proposed to correct the document and confirm with the laywer before posting it to the wiki and emailing the dev list.  Committee agreed.

6.RC suggested that the use of RSS or slashdot or blogging will help raise the attention of new systems, system updates, etc.
Committee discussed various strategies.
BB proposed to create a wiki page on these strategies.

7.Membership Management System
Work in progress.
Has the capability to check information in a new member application.
Need the ability to capture information to test.

No operation issues that we are aware of.
Next version will focus on the presentation.
Future vesions will add more informatio; e.g. Objectives, etc.
RC asked if there is a "click here to join" on the Skillsbase search results page.  BB said no.  Will add it to the to-do list.

9.General Look and Feel of the Systems
If a magic cookie cannot be found, will load default CSS stylesheets. Otherwise, load the CSS stylesheets as remembered in the cookie.
RC would comment when he has a look at the implementation.

10.Effort Tracking System
The machine for the system is ready.
The application looks great.
BB is hoping to met up with Dave Naesby (author of the application) next week to discuss bringing the application live.
PxB asks about resources for system support.
Dave Naesby will support the application and Jocelyn will support the machine.

11.PxB asks how and whether OpenSkills will charge for the use of the system.
BB said application usage will not be charged initially.

12.All machines now have new IP addresses.

13.RC asked about backups: do the backups include the configuration?
BB said yes.
RC asked if it is tested.  BB said the backups are checked, but he has not tried restoring all the backups.  BB has only tested the SkillsBase system backup.
RC will send email to the OpenSkills dev list to find a volunteer to test the restore.  Only requirement for the volunteer is s/he must be the member.

14.Latest bank statement shown at the meeting.

15.DF raise the question: what's next? (in the context of how we should direct our resources once the first version of all systems have been deployed).

What do the members & non-members want from OpenSkills?
DF proposed to discuss at the SGM.  AM reminded committee that the SGM must be formally closed before such discussions.

What is our product to go to market?

AM said if there is no product to market, it is hard to increase membership.

RC and DF think that once we know what members & non-members want, then what products are required will be clearer.

BB thinks the Member Management System should be largely complete by April (for presentation at Smalltalk Solutions in June).
DF thinks the first committee meeting after April will be to dicuss the future strategy.  This will also lay the grounds for discussions at the DevCon 2005.

16.AM proposed that every 3rd committee meeting be a Jabber session so we can involve overseas committee members.
RC mentioned that open-source video conferencing has come a long way.
RC to check. 

17.PxB asked if non-members can post their resumes into SkillsBase.
BB said no.  Reason is OpenSkills is built on trust and meritocracy. If anyone can post a resume, there is no indication that someone who posts a resume can be trusted.

18.PxB asks: if a person's key has been signed by 2 members, that person can be trusted.  So, even if the person is not a member (because membership fees are not paid), that person should be able to use SkillsBase.
So, question is what incentive to give that person to pay the membership fee to become a member.
Committee further discussed how to increase membership.
This point was discussed in 15 above.
BB thinks it is essential to know what the discuss after the SGM when we have a lot of the members present.

Suggest Questions / What to Discuss:
- What do you think of the current systems?
- What other systems would you like? - or consider part of the OpenSkills service to you?
- What can we do as a group to increase membership?
- What values have you got to-date from OpenSkills?

19.BB to send email reminder to the list re: SGM.  In particular, for members to send in their proxies if the members might be late or are not sure if they can make it.

20.Committee agreed that SGM to start at 6pm.
Committee will have a Jabber meeting 7th Feb 2005 8:00 pm (AEST) to further discuss any issues.

21.Meeting closed at 8:45 pm.

Action List:
1.BB to correct Clause 15.2 of the Constitution and confirm with the laywer.
2.BB to create a wiki page on the strategy of system and code releases for committee to review.
3.BB to add to the Skillsbase to-do list re: add a "click here to join" on the SkillsBase serch results page.
4.RC to send email to the OpenSkills dev list for a member volunteer to test the restore of the system backups.
5.RC to check availability of open-source audio conferencing tools for OpenSkills committee meetings.

Next Meeting:
	8:00 pm, 7th February, 2005 (via Jabber)

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