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Agenda for Committee meeting 21

This will be a Jabber meeting.

The meeting will start at 09:00 Sydney Time on Sunday 12th December 2004.

Apologies from:



(09:10:39) bbadger: So I declare the 21st committee meeting open
(09:10:43) pdebotto: OK
(09:10:46) jbadger: ok
(09:10:49) didymo: present
(09:10:54) bbadger: No apologies received.
(09:11:02) bbadger: (looking on the wiki)
(09:11:12) bbadger: Minutes of last meeting on the ctte list. In the archive here: http://lists.openskills.net/cgi-bin/mailman/private/committee/2004-November/000284.html
(09:11:24) bbadger: This is the mail archive - they are not on the wiki yet
(09:11:31) bbadger: Everyone read them?
(09:11:55) bbadger: I'll take that as a yes :-)
(09:12:11) bbadger: So I propose that the last minutes be accepted
(09:12:11) pdebotto: please do
(09:12:21) pdebotto: seconded
(09:12:26) bbadger: Carried
(09:12:51) bbadger: OK - membership numbers ...
(09:12:57) bbadger: 91 on mailing list (+2)
(09:13:03) bbadger: 1 additional member. 0 new applications
(09:13:04) pdebotto: good news
(09:13:37) bbadger: I've had a few people ask me how to join, though. The MMS is *really* critical at this point, I thnk
(09:13:49) jbadger: how is it going?
(09:14:00) pdebotto: how is rob going -- he seemed confident of a rapid result
(09:14:04) bbadger: MMS update later
(09:14:17) bbadger: OK
(09:14:21) pdebotto: ok
(09:14:23) bbadger: On to the SGM
(09:14:30) bbadger: SGM adjourned until Feb 9th.
(09:14:35) bbadger: We did not have enough voting members - by one vote!
(09:14:40) bbadger: We have plenty of proxies for the adjourned meeting though, so it should just be a formality.
(09:14:44) bbadger: ... unless
(09:14:55) bbadger: We have some big issues we need to deal with
(09:15:10) didymo: these are proxies for the second meeting or carried over from first?
(09:15:24) bbadger: I propose that any committee member who has issues that the feel need addressing raise this in the ctte list
(09:15:36) bbadger: didymo: yes
(09:15:41) pdebotto: ok
(09:16:03) didymo: don't we need to specifically have proxies for teh second?
(09:16:12) jbadger: Not all proxies can be carried forward, I remember 1 proxy didn't allow us to use it again.
(09:16:37) pdebotto: how long do these proxies last ?
(09:16:40) didymo: OK so it was asked whether it could be carried forward?
(09:16:41) bbadger: didymo: But the proxies are for the motion & meeting. The meeting has not ended - it's just adjourned
(09:16:53) bbadger: didymo: yes, except for the one Justina mentioned
(09:17:02) pdebotto: Aaaaah
(09:17:16) bbadger: pdebotto: Right :-)
(09:17:24) didymo: procedurally correct?
(09:17:39) jbadger: Proxy says "... vote for me on my behalf at the SGM held on the 10th day of Nov 2004 and at any adjournment of that meeting ..."
(09:17:39) bbadger: Yes - see the existing rules
(09:17:57) didymo: OK
(09:17:59) jbadger: so, yes, the proxy is good for the adjournment also.
(09:18:11) didymo: OK
(09:18:31) bbadger: So back to my proposal. I know that some people have some reservations about the SGM motion
(09:18:38) pdebotto: yes
(09:18:44) bbadger: I propose that any committee member who has issues that the feel need addressing raise this in the ctte list
(09:18:53) pdebotto: ok
(09:19:12) bbadger: It's critical that any issues are sorted in the next ctte meeting at the latest
(09:19:31) bbadger: pdebotto: Was that a second?
(09:19:38) jbadger: I second.
(09:19:42) bbadger: carried
(09:20:06) jbadger: another thing: even though this is an adjournment, we still need th 21 days (?) notice on the mailing list to let members know/
(09:20:23) bbadger: I think we do, yes
(09:20:31) bbadger: Best to assume so
(09:20:46) pdebotto: agreed
(09:20:47) bbadger: I'll check the rules to be sure
(09:21:02) bbadger: OK - next thing
(09:21:22) bbadger: The other legal stuff is still waiting for the SGM to finish. - so no new news here
(09:21:55) pdebotto: OK - next thing
(09:22:00) bbadger: On to the net stuff
(09:22:25) bbadger: Our hosting company told us that all our machines needed new IP addresses
(09:22:28) bbadger: ugh
(09:22:52) bbadger: But, we have already applied new addresses to all but two machines (parrot & hare - aka jabber & efforttrack).
(09:23:06) bbadger: Those last two will be dealt with this coming week
(09:23:26) bbadger: The skillsbase is being worked on at the moment.
(09:23:41) bbadger: This is mainly a UI and bug fix release
(09:23:53) bbadger: A key bit is being worked on by Roy Hunter
(09:24:04) bbadger: It's an implementation of this:
(09:24:17) bbadger: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/bodyswitchers/
(09:24:33) bbadger: Which will give us the ability to do things like this:
(09:24:46) bbadger: http://www.csszengarden.com/
(09:25:06) bbadger: This will make the UI much more manageable
(09:25:38) bbadger: IE users will be able to choose a look that works well with their browser, and everybody else will be able to use the nice stabdards based looks
(09:25:45) bbadger: :-)
(09:26:11) bbadger: This work is looking good for a release in the next two weeks
(09:26:19) bbadger: Now, the MMS
(09:26:36) bbadger: Rob has been helping with the use cases
(09:26:48) bbadger: And we have them looking quite good now
(09:27:03) pdebotto: are they on the wiki
(09:27:12) bbadger: They are here:
(09:27:14) bbadger: http://wiki.openskills.net:10045/OpenSkills/MMS+Use+Cases
(09:27:16) bbadger: yes :-)
(09:27:18) pdebotto: thx
(09:27:36) bbadger: The system is being developed by me
(09:27:51) bbadger: I have many of the key bits in place, i.e.
(09:27:59) bbadger: - web UI foundation
(09:28:04) bbadger: - OpenPGP handling
(09:28:09) bbadger: - email handling
(09:28:20) bbadger: It's a matter of pulling these together
(09:28:30) bbadger: I'm still hoping to get a beta out this year
(09:28:37) pdebotto: legend !
(09:29:02) bbadger: And - this is why I have been slack about the chasing up existing members
(09:29:23) bbadger: ... naughty, I know, but I really want to drive the renewals through the MMS
(09:29:32) jbadger: do u need any help?
(09:29:36) pdebotto: agreed
(09:29:51) bbadger: Not just at the moment - but I bet I will!
(09:29:57) bbadger: pdebotto: thanks
(09:30:15) bbadger: So that's the state of the MMS
(09:30:27) bbadger: Now, the effort tracking system
(09:31:23) bbadger: The application is looking good. We have had hold-ups because of system admin work that needed doing and because of configuration issues on other machines (e.g. the Squid server)
(09:32:08) pdebotto: I'd say MMS is higher priority than ETS right now
(09:32:17) bbadger: Now we have the Squid issue under control, and Jocelyn is looking at getting the system admin matter under control (exim decided to squirt out severalo gigs of email to the HD)
(09:32:44) bbadger: pdebotto: I'm focusing my time on the MMS (once the SkillsBase update is done)
(09:32:58) pdebotto: great
(09:33:04) bbadger: The ETS is something I poke other people for
(09:33:26) pdebotto: ok
(09:33:41) pdebotto: :-)
(09:33:51) bbadger: So things on the ETS side are looking good - except Dave Naseby (the author of the system code) is off on holiday for 2 weeks :-(
(09:33:56) bbadger: Oh, well
(09:34:11) bbadger: I think we should have an ETS beta up early in the new year
(09:34:48) bbadger: All the other systems seem to be plodding along fine
(09:34:53) pdebotto: back a step -- how many resume in skills base ?
(09:35:10) bbadger: Oh, let me check
(09:36:09) bbadger: 20 people have accounts
(09:36:23) bbadger: It would be rude to look at what they have done
(09:36:39) pdebotto: thx :-)
(09:37:19) bbadger: One new system I'd like to see is a bug tracking system. It's listed on the wiki as a system we'd like to have - but now, I'd really like to have it
(09:37:48) pdebotto: like bugzilla ?
(09:37:50) bbadger: Keeping track of feature requests and even (gasp) bugs for the SkillsBase
(09:37:54) bbadger: pdebotto: yes
(09:38:04) bbadger: ... is a bit beyond the wiki
(09:38:16) bbadger: But this is for the new year, I thinkl
(09:38:32) bbadger: OK - that concludes the system stuff from me
(09:38:40) pdebotto: why not bugzilla ? -- reinventing wheels ?
(09:38:46) jbadger: do u have in mind something "off-the-shelf" (like bugzilla) or a modified version of it?
(09:39:00) bbadger: Yes, I think bugzilla would be good
(09:39:08) bbadger: ... be we still need to set it up
(09:39:33) jbadger: ... and agree on the "terminology" to use. I think there are quite a few things to configure ...
(09:39:34) pdebotto: bb: yes, i see
(09:40:02) bbadger: Right - so even using bugzilla it is not a tiny job
(09:40:18) bbadger: But that's for next year, I suggest
(09:40:23) jbadger: i agree
(09:40:26) pdebotto: OM :-)
(09:40:28) bbadger: ... unless someone want's to take it on now?
(09:40:37) bbadger: Ok - nest year
(09:40:39) bbadger: next
(09:40:47) bbadger: On to Treasury stuff
(09:41:14) jbadger: pxb: what do u mean by OM?
(09:41:25) pdebotto: fat fingers = OK
(09:41:32) bbadger: :)
(09:41:38) bbadger: :->
(09:41:38) jbadger: gee, you took the fun out of that!! :-)
(09:41:42) bbadger: :>
(09:41:44) bbadger: Aw
(09:41:47) bbadger: Anyway
(09:41:51) bbadger: $622 in the bank.
(09:41:59) pdebotto: :-) brazil ?
(09:41:59) bbadger: 1 new member fee went in
(09:42:19) bbadger: That's the financial news
(09:42:25) bbadger: And now ...
(09:42:32) bbadger: ... any other business?
(09:42:33) bbadger: YES!
(09:42:36) bbadger: ME!
(09:42:56) bbadger: OK - I've been getting a lot of feedback
(09:43:10) bbadger: ... about the .com .net .org thing being confusing
(09:43:15) bbadger: So
(09:43:43) bbadger: I propose that we move to have all sites & services resirect to .org
(09:43:46) bbadger: all the time
(09:44:04) bbadger: So, typing www.openskills.com, will return a page www.openskills.org
(09:44:17) pdebotto: org is just a wiki right now ?
(09:44:22) didymo: we keep them all so others can't get them, just redirect?
(09:44:26) bbadger: typing skillsbase.openskills.net will give skillsbase.openskills.org etc
(09:44:32) bbadger: didymo: yes
(09:44:51) bbadger: pdebotto: org is rather confused right now
(09:44:54) jbadger: do we try to explain the 3 at all?
(09:45:00) didymo: I think I've been lobbying for this for a while, so I'd be hapy to propose it
(09:45:14) jbadger: or it's just an internal thing to the association, and the general public dont need to know?
(09:45:31) didymo: owning 3 block othoers owning
(09:45:37) bbadger: I think that to the public and members and, well everyone we are OpenSkills.org
(09:45:43) bbadger: ... a non-profit association
(09:46:01) bbadger: We own the openskills.net and openskills.com domains too
(09:46:12) bbadger: but all requests get redirected to .org
(09:46:26) jbadger: i think what i'm asking is: if people ask why .com, .org, .net
(09:46:42) jbadger: do we say there are really the same thing, we just own the 3 domain names to prevent others from getting them
(09:46:53) jbadger: or do we try to explain that there was a difference (at least initially)
(09:47:07) bbadger: We just hold them so we have the set
(09:47:23) bbadger: ... we don't try and ascribe any special meaning to .com or .net
(09:47:30) jbadger: ok.
(09:47:33) bbadger: So - nothing to explaing
(09:47:41) bbadger: explain, even
(09:48:22) bbadger: So, let me propose that all active OpenSkills hosts have openskills.org names
(09:48:26) jbadger: second.
(09:48:30) pdebotto: wasn't there some discussion earlier about funds moving between the entities in a certain fashion
(09:48:32) bbadger: carried
(09:48:57) bbadger: pdebotto: At one point we thought they may be many entities within OpenSkills
(09:49:05) bbadger: ... we dont have them yet
(09:49:32) bbadger: ... and if we ever do have them *we don't need to tie their existance to the .net or .com names*
(09:49:54) bbadger: This issues really is one of human interfaces
(09:50:05) pdebotto: the association licenses the name Openskills. Who owns the Domains ?
(09:50:09) bbadger: ... it's confused the hell out of everyone to have the 3
(09:50:15) bbadger: pdebotto: I do
(09:50:43) bbadger: But they are also included in the argreement between me and OpenSkills
(09:50:50) bbadger: no extra charge :-)
(09:50:57) didymo: jolly good
(09:51:10) pdebotto: OK
(09:51:13) bbadger: Grand
(09:51:16) pdebotto: thx
(09:51:25) bbadger: Is a pleasure :-)
(09:51:36) bbadger: So any other "other business"
(09:51:42) bbadger: ?
(09:51:43) pdebotto: nup
(09:52:06) bbadger: OK, the date of the next meeting is Jan 12th
(09:52:17) bbadger: I propose this
(09:52:25) jbadger: where?
(09:52:25) pdebotto: seconded
(09:52:36) bbadger: jbadger: our place?
(09:52:43) jbadger: fine.
(09:52:48) bbadger: Carried, then
(09:52:58) bbadger: So, thank you all.
(09:53:01) jbadger: not yet
(09:53:08) bbadger: Oh?
(09:53:08) didymo: ?
(09:53:10) jbadger: 2 action items I've noted so far:
(09:53:22) jbadger: BB to check rules for nbr of days' notice for SGM adjournment meeting
(09:53:39) jbadger: All committee members, if have concerns re SGM resolution, to post to committee mailing list for discussions
(09:53:50) bbadger: .... before the next ctte meeting
(09:54:08) bbadger: OK
(09:54:12) bbadger: Then
(09:54:13) bbadger: I
(09:54:16) bbadger: declare
(09:54:17) pdebotto: ok
(09:54:19) bbadger: this
(09:54:22) bbadger: meeting
(09:54:24) bbadger: closed
(09:54:27) bbadger: done
(09:54:32) bbadger: Thanks all!

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