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Agenda for Committee meeting 20

The meeting will start at 18:00 Sydney Time on Wed 10th November 2004.

Apologies from: Doug Camp


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date: 10th November 2004, 6:30 pm Location: James Squire Brewhouse King St Wharf, Sydney Australia Attendees: Bruce Badger (BB) Justina Badger (JB) Paul de Botton (PxB) Rob Collins (RC) David Falvey (DF) Stuart Guthrie (SG) Ashley Maher (AM) Absentees: Doug Camp

Agenda: 1.Agree last minutes 2.COM stuff 3.ORG stuff 4.NET stuff 5.Treasury stuff 6.Other

Actions from last meeting (13 Oct 2004): 1.BB to follow up with Jeff Waugh regarding the process of forming a social contract for Ubuntu and any issues encountered. Not done. 2.BB to post to the member list regarding the Special General Meeting. Done. 3.BB to post to the committee list the "current financial members". Done. 4.RC to post onto the dev list re: search requirement use cases for SkillsBase. Done. 5.BB to send mail to members regarding membership renewal. Not done. 6.DF and SG to generate GPG keys Done.

Meeting Summary: 1.BB proposed that last meeting's minutes to be accepted. PxB seconded.

2.Gone through actions from last meeting. Status registered as in the above section.

3.BB gave a member list report. 89 on mailing list. 1 additional member. 2 new applications, key signed but has not remitted membership fee yet.

4.Committee discussed the resolution for the SGM to be held after the committee meeting. 9 proxies received, all will go along with the committee's decision. Flurry of last-minute constitution changes. Final version available earlier today. BB suggested that the SGM be deferred due to lack of time for members to study/comment on the final version. RC argued that discussions of changes have been posted on the mailing list for some time, so the SMG should not be adjourned simply because some members have not been following the discussions. AM proposed providing a "break" at the SGM were time needed for any memebers to read the final version before voting. Committee accepted this approach.

5.RC reviewed the final version and found it acceptable.

6.Committee discussed the pros and cons of the special resolution. Voting results: 5 for (BB, DF, JB, SG, RC), 2 against (PxB, AM) Hence, committee voted to adopt the special resolution.

7.BB reported no progress on any legal matters until the SGM is over.

8.SkillsBase. No new functionality Website got attacked, no data loss or compromise. BB is looking into how to avoid this in the future.

9.Membership Management System. Development in progress. Can retrieve keys from public key server and extract info to check the ids.

10.Effort Tracking System. BB and Dave Naesby have been doing some work on it. Should have a working version soon.

11.Financial Report. Additional income of membership fee for the 1 new member.

12.AM moved to add "board insurance / directors insurance" at next meeting agenda.

Action List: 1.

Next Meeting: 6:30 pm, 8th Dec, Pyrmont

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