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Agenda for Committee meeting 18

The meeting will start at 19:00 Sydney Time on Wed 29th September 2004.

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OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		29th September 2004, 7:30 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		Rob Collins			(RC)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Ashley Maher		(AM)
		Doug Camp
		David Falvey		(DF)

1.Agree last minutes
2.COM stuff
3.ORG stuff
4.NET stuff
5.Treasury stuff

Meeting Summary:
1.BB proposed late minutes to be accepted.  SG seconded.

2.Disucssed business card printing for members who want to use the template (as created for Bruce's business card).
Company that did the initial batch of business cards do not have a set-up for individual OpenSkills members to order and pay for their own cards (were they to use the same template).
BB put forward to committee if an alternative company should be sought.
RC suggests that we do not pursue getting the company to do this set-up since the number of members does not warrant that yet.  Instead "batch" up orders every x months for members and manage it ourselves for now.
Decision:  BB and RC to ask for interest among members.  Interested members commit and pay for their order.  BB and RC will manage their orders and collection of payment.
Batch order every x months.

3.BB met with people from Canonical, a company that distributes Ubuntu.
Canoncial is intersted in offering commercial time-and-material-based services and support on-demand.  They see themselves as a Tier-1 company partnering/working with Tier-2 companies to provide such support.  Would be benifical to Ubuntu to utilise the OpenSkills resource pool (via the SkillsBase system).  Beneficial to OpenSkills as this is an opportunity to help members find work.
Nothing concrete has been decided in the initial meeting.

4.Discussion turned towards "will OpenSkills charge for this". 
Committee agrees that no warranty is currently associated with the SkillsBase system.  Were a commercial company (like Ubuntu) wish to ask for warranty of service, or additional development effort to provide a branded/customized search, etc, then a charge could be levied.
BB to start a wiki page for further discussion: what OpenSkills will/will not charge.

5.Total of 89 people on the dev mailing list - a couple joined last month.

6.Lawyers have provided first draft of the SOW and NDA.  Not high priority to have them reviewed now.
RC indicated that Jeff Waugh is doing something similar for Ubuntu.  BB to follow up with Jeff for more details.

7.Discussion of lawyer's "what-to-do" to change OpenSkills from from a NSW entity to a Federal entity (Incoporated Association to Corporation Limited by Guarantee).
PxB asked about the reason/justification behind the move.
BB to start a Wiki page on the benefits, obligations / risks of being a Corporation Limited by Guarantee.  BB will then ask lawyer to comment.

8.Draft of the Domain & Trademark agreement (between BB and OpenSkills) and draft of the Committee Pool are available from lawyers.  Not critical.  BB asked committee to review them for future discussions.

9.SkillsBase - new version to be rolled out this week.  Change in Home Page to provide a search feature that will initiate a search in the SkillsBase, without first navigating to the SkillsBase home page.

10.Membership management system.  Progress is slow as SG has other work commitments.  SG would be happy for someone to take over; otherwise, he could commit to an end-of-year delivery.  RC is going to have a look at the specs and decide if he has time to help SG with it.
PxB to email RC the use case specs.

11.Effort Tracking System. Jocelyn is going to administer the machine that will host the system written in Ruby by David Naesby.

12.BB asked if it is a good idea to go to a corporate and see if they are willing to fund some of the development and do it together.
RC does not think it is something we should pursue right now.

13.Treasury Report: no change

14.Discussion of membership renewal and membership fee payment.
RC proposed that the membership renewal be done by hand.  Every decision that needs to be made and is not a policy will be raised to the committee for discussion.  Decisions then become business policy and will be incoporated into the business rules for the Membership Managemet system.
SG volunteered to manage the collection of fees while the Membership Management System is still under develeopment.

15.PxB proposed that the "Status of membership" be added as a standing item in the committee meeting agenda.  Seconded.

16.Deicded that the 2nd Wed of the month is the committee meeting

17.Meeting closed.

Action List:
1.BB and RC to ask for members' interest in OpenSkills business cards.
2.BB to discuss Jeff Waugh on his investigation on social contract for Ubuntu.
3.BB to create Wiki page to catalog benefits, obligations, etc of moving the Association to a Company Limited by Gaurantee.
Wiki page to include the mechanism (e.g. how many members need to be at the special general meeting).
4.PxB to email RC the use case specs for the Membership Management System.
5.BB to let RC know the URL for Bytemark (the company that hosts the virtual machines for OpenSkills)
6.SG to manage the collection of membership fees until the Membership Management system is ready to take over.

Next Meeting:
	7:00 pm, 13th Oct, Pyrmont

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