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Agenda for Committee meeting 17

This meeting will be via Jabber. We will meet in the "committee" room on the Jabber server: committee@conference.jabber.openskills.net.

The meeting will start at 11:00 GMT on 7th September 2004.

Apologies from:

Stuart Guthrie. I might make it but it's not looking good. Euan was born last week and we're ... adjusting...


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		7th September 2004, 9:00 pm AEST
Location:	Jabber
		Bruce Badger		(bbadger)
		Justina Badger		(jbadger)
		David Falvey		(dfalvey)
		Stuart Guthrie		(StuartGuthrie)
		Ashley Maher		(didymo)
		Doug Camp		(Doug)
		Rob Collins		(lifeless)
		Paul de Botton

Meeting Summary:
Log from Jabber groupchat window:

[21:00:07] {bbadger} 
[21:00:16] {bbadger} OK - I declare the meeting open.
[21:00:22] {jbadger} i'm here
[21:00:29] {bbadger} Lets all announce ourselves
[21:00:39] {dfalvey} Dave here
[21:00:46] {bbadger} Bruce here
[21:00:48] *** Doug has become available
[21:00:54] {jbadger} Justina here
[21:00:58] {bbadger} Hi Doug - we have just starred
[21:01:07] {Doug} Good morning..ah, evening 
[21:01:08] {bbadger} On to the agenda
[21:01:13] {bbadger} 
[21:01:22] {bbadger} The minutes of the last meeting are here:
... look at the bottom
This is not a complete set of minutes as we had a network problem that disrupted the Jabber meeting.
Accepted - such as they are?
[21:01:39] {dfalvey} yes
[21:01:44] {bbadger} I propose the minutes be accepted
[21:01:49] {jbadger} second
[21:01:49] {bbadger} Dave seconds
[21:01:55] {bbadger} Everyone seconmds 
[21:02:13] *** StuartGuthrie has become available
[21:02:22] {bbadger} The minutes should be all together this time 
[21:02:34] {bbadger} OK
[21:02:42] {bbadger} The agenda for this meeting is here:

[21:02:51] {bbadger} Next up:
[21:02:55] {StuartGuthrie} Stuart here
[21:02:59] {bbadger} OpenSkills.com stuff
[21:03:11] {bbadger} Hi Stuart - how's the new boy?
[21:03:22] {StuartGuthrie} Feeding. Always hungry
[21:03:26] {bbadger} 
[21:03:29] {bbadger} Business cards update.
[21:03:37] {bbadger} Well ...
... I've been on the phone to the people in Perth who run the development work for Worldwide Online Printing
They are still working out how to let OpenSkills members order cards and pay for the cards they order.  Worldwide normally sell to companies, and in that model any employee can order, then the company pays.
The chap who is looking into making the changes to allow the orderer to pay in on holiday right now - back on the 27th of this month.
I'll try him again then.[21:04:02] {bbadger} I'll try him then
[21:04:09] {bbadger} Any questions?
[21:04:28] {bbadger} OK - next up
[21:04:33] {bbadger} OpenSkills.org Stuff
[21:04:46] {bbadger} Membership numbers update
[21:04:53] {bbadger} No new paid-up members
Just 1 (one) new member on the dev list
I think we need to improve on this a tad
[21:05:14] {jbadger} shall we organize another social evening or something similar?
[21:05:24] {bbadger} I think we should
[21:05:36] {bbadger} Shall we aim for Oct?
[21:05:48] {bbadger} Any big dates to avoid?
[21:05:55] {StuartGuthrie} If we do Early Oct we might be able to do something around the time on builder.au
[21:06:08] {bbadger} Ah, OK
[21:06:09] {StuartGuthrie} Its a dev conference in Sydney.
[21:06:22] {bbadger} Do you have the link?
[21:06:24] {StuartGuthrie} Perhaps we could try an  announce.
[21:06:31] {bbadger} ?
[21:06:38] {StuartGuthrie} http://www.builderconference.com.au/
[21:07:05] {bbadger} I'm registered for it, actually
[21:07:15] {bbadger} RMS will be there
[21:07:23] {StuartGuthrie} I'll approach the organiser Brendon Chase from memory(?)
[21:07:24] *** openskills ctte has become available
[21:07:28] {openskills ctte} hey
[21:07:40] {bbadger} 5-7 October
[21:07:41] {openskills ctte} sorry I'm late, had to drive back from the slug ctte meeting
[21:07:50] {bbadger} Who's openskills ctte?
[21:07:55] {bbadger} Rob?
[21:08:01] {openskills ctte} me
[21:08:10] {openskills ctte} dunno about the nick, let me try again
[21:08:21] {bbadger} Is OK[21:08:25] *** openskills ctte has left
[21:08:31] {bbadger} OK - Action on Stuart
[21:08:47] {bbadger} AGM Report
[21:08:50] {StuartGuthrie} I'll email Brendon Chase after the meeting.
[21:08:59] {bbadger} OK - great
[21:09:07] {bbadger} Well, I think the AGM all went rather well 
[21:09:17] *** lifeless has become available
[21:09:18] {bbadger} Any comments?
[21:09:27] {StuartGuthrie} Liked the timesheet stuff.
[21:09:30] {lifeless} ok, really here now.
[21:09:37] {StuartGuthrie} And of course the skills base
[21:09:43] {bbadger} More on the Effort Tracking system in a mo
[21:09:45] {bbadger} [21:09:53] {bbadger} We don't have any formal minutes
[21:10:00] {bbadger} ... do we need them?
[21:10:16] {dfalvey} we do need something formal for the record
[21:10:17] {jbadger} didn't you send out something to the committee summarizing the meeting?
[21:10:17] {StuartGuthrie} Paul?
[21:10:44] {bbadger} Stuary - do you think Paul took notes?
[21:10:48] {bbadger} Stuart
[21:11:17] {StuartGuthrie} No I think he would have a good idea on procedure..
[21:11:19] {dfalvey} we just need formal acceptance of the three points we did at the end
[21:11:31] {jbadger} i'll check into that.
[21:11:42] {bbadger} ... and post some minutes?
[21:11:44] {dfalvey} next time we need a foraml minute taled
[21:11:52] {dfalvey} taker
[21:12:08] {jbadger} yep.
[21:12:20] {bbadger} That's yep you will post the minutes?
[21:12:29] {jbadger} yep, i will post the minutes.
[21:12:35] {bbadger} OK
[21:12:40] {bbadger} Update on legal stuff
[21:12:48] {bbadger} It seems that moving the association to a corp. limited by guarantee would be a good thing.
[21:12:56] {bbadger} Colin Goldrick (the lawyer) has said that it's better fit, and probably what we should have gone for in the first place - had we known about it.
The reason we thought of this was that OSIA ...
[21:13:06] {bbadger} http://www.osia.net.au/
[21:13:14] {bbadger} Set themselves up in this way.
[21:13:21] {bbadger} The key benefit of the change is that we get to have more control over how money is spent.  For example, it's not clear that the 
[21:13:30] {bbadger} proposed committee pool would work under the existing arangement.
[21:13:42] {bbadger} To get this done, we need to (hopefully) briefly revisit document hell, and review a constitution document for the new company.  It's based on the existing association rules, but changes around some of the terms - e.g. we would be the "board" and not the "committee", and individually we will be "directors" not "committee members".
[21:13:57] {bbadger} I have the first draft of the constitution, and I'll send that out right after this meeting.
[21:14:25] {dfalvey} do we also then have director responsibilities
[21:14:43] {bbadger} Yes, but then we do as committee members too
[21:14:51] {bbadger} So, it's not so different
[21:14:53] {dfalvey} are then any differences
[21:15:07] {bbadger} They are in this new doc
[21:15:12] {bbadger} ... yes some
[21:15:13] {dfalvey} ok
[21:15:24] {bbadger} I'll be meeting with Colin on Friday am at 10:00 (if anyone else wants to come along, you'd be welcome).  At that meeting, I'll be collecting the other bits, i.e. the committee pool documents, the domain name and trademark agreement and the pro-forma contracts that members can use for gigs.  I'll send these around when I have them.
[21:15:49] {bbadger} All rather boring, but important, I think
[21:16:02] {bbadger} OK - moving on?
[21:16:07] {bbadger} OpenSkills.net stuff
[21:16:13] {bbadger} The SkillsBase ...
[21:16:18] {bbadger} http://skillsbase.openskills.net/
[21:16:24] {bbadger} (as if you didn't know)
[21:16:31] {bbadger} ... has been up and running for a couple of weeks now.  We have 10 people with information in there, many are a bit shy about making their information public.  Performance seems fine.
[21:16:53] {bbadger} We need more people to get accounts, though
[21:17:03] {bbadger} Anyone here with no SkillsBase account?
[21:17:07] {dfalvey} me
[21:17:11] {Doug} Me, sorry. Will get it done.
[21:17:12] {StuartGuthrie} slap.
[21:17:15] {bbadger} You devil, you
[21:17:18] {bbadger} quite
[21:17:29] {bbadger} OK
[21:17:35] {bbadger} Changes to the system to be able to administer the skills tree better are well under way.  Most of the coding is done, system testing and release over the coming weekend, I think.
[21:17:54] {bbadger} There is some discussion on the list about tweaking the tree
[21:18:06] {bbadger} Roy Hunter is looking into ECMA Script to enable:
o Helping with Date entry & validation
o Sorting of the various tables
o Expandable/colapseable/searchable tree views for the skills tree
[21:18:17] {bbadger} Justina and Daniel have been working on creating PDF resumes from HR-XML exported from the SkillsBase.  Justina has also moved the XML parsing and XML schema validation along, so we should soom be able to validate incoming HR-XML.
Justina? ...
[21:18:43] {jbadger} working on the validation, no time estimates as yet
[21:18:51] {jbadger} PDF resume is very basic.
[21:19:05] {jbadger} Has identified we need more info in the export; e.g. our name!
[21:19:26] {bbadger} Yes, we need to add a few things into the SkillsBase
[21:19:31] {bbadger} ... like "objectives"
[21:19:36] {bbadger} for example
[21:19:51] {bbadger} Anyway.  I think it looks OK so far, and will get better
[21:19:59] {bbadger} Everyone OK with it?
[21:20:06] {StuartGuthrie} It's good enough to load up and run.
[21:20:25] {bbadger} Grand
[21:20:29] {bbadger} On to the membership management system.

[21:20:35] {StuartGuthrie} Ducks
[21:20:35] {bbadger} I suspect the arrival of Euan has had an impact ... Stuart?
[21:20:56] {StuartGuthrie} OK it's stopped currently due to somewhat overloaded schedules.
[21:21:11] {bbadger} Could anyone help?
[21:21:19] {StuartGuthrie} I'm developing two other struts projects that are good backbones for what is needed.
[21:21:36] {StuartGuthrie} So I'm anticipating when I can turn back to it, it will wallop along.
[21:21:58] {StuartGuthrie} Help in the area of GPGing emails in and out in Java would be greate
[21:21:59] {bbadger} OK - if you need a hand, just yell
[21:22:01] {StuartGuthrie} great!
[21:22:36] {bbadger} Oooh - interesting.  Anyone up on email from a program?
[21:22:41] {bbadger} Java, BTW
[21:22:48] {StuartGuthrie} I'm extremely busy until mid next month, then things get a little better.
[21:22:59] {jbadger} have done emailing from within Java
[21:23:02] {jbadger} not GPG'ing though.
[21:23:10] {StuartGuthrie} I guess the email bit could actually be done in any lang.
[21:23:15] {StuartGuthrie} bash?
[21:23:24] {bbadger} Should just be a matter of calling the command - yeah
[21:23:42] {StuartGuthrie} javamail is an easy API. so that's not the issue its gettting the things encr
[21:23:52] {StuartGuthrie} decr with the user's keys, 
[21:24:04] {StuartGuthrie} accessing keys from key servers and all that guff.
[21:24:12] {bbadger} OK - we can hash this out on the list or by email, I guess.
[21:24:26] {bbadger} Next ...[21:24:28] {bbadger} Effort Tracking System
[21:24:35] {bbadger} The effort tracking system has moved along.  Dave Naesby has asked that I get a machine set up for him - I think I'll ask if Jocelyn (the chap in the Lebanon who set up the Tutos system for us) can help with that.  Once the machine is set up, Dave reckons we can deply a first beta for people to try.
[21:24:55] {bbadger} I'm looking forward to having that
[21:25:04] {bbadger} ... running
[21:25:15] {bbadger} OK - now ...
[21:25:19] {bbadger} Treasury Stuff
[21:25:29] {bbadger} In summary, we have $559.29 in the bank, and over the last month received one membership payment (19.47 hit the account).  Also, we paid $5 for the eGive facility:
[21:25:35] {bbadger} https://secure.australianprospect.com.au/eGiveSSL/Donate.aspx?OrgID=72
[21:26:03] {bbadger} OK that's the main part of the meeting
[21:26:06] {bbadger} now it's
[21:26:12] {bbadger} Other Business
[21:26:19] {dfalvey} The annual $20 payment is due for all members
[21:26:30] {bbadger} Well, yes.
[21:26:37] {dfalvey} how are we going to procced on this
[21:26:40] {bbadger} ... the issues is administering collecting it
[21:26:51] {dfalvey} wait till member managemetn systems works ?
[21:26:56] {bbadger} ... I was hoping that we could get the MMS up enough to do the deed
[21:27:00] {bbadger} quite
[21:27:18] {dfalvey} so do we vote to delay until then
[21:27:29] {bbadger} I'll propose that
[21:27:32] {StuartGuthrie} Whats wrong with a spreadsheet?
[21:27:34] {dfalvey} second
[21:27:49] {dfalvey} it would be a good test of the MMS
[21:27:55] {bbadger} It's not recording stuff
[21:28:04] {bbadger} ... it's the chasing around and sending emails
[21:28:16] {bbadger} I'm crap at that
[21:28:28] {bbadger} ... and a good test, as Dave says 
[21:28:37] {StuartGuthrie} So we wait
[21:28:43] {bbadger} So the proposal is ...
[21:29:04] {bbadger} that we say that the first payment carries up to the first automated renewal
[21:29:18] {jbadger} sounds fine to me
[21:29:22] {bbadger} Done
[21:29:34] {bbadger} So ...
[21:29:36] {bbadger} Other Business
[21:29:44] {bbadger} I have some
[21:29:44] {dfalvey} no
[21:29:49] {bbadger} Oh
[21:30:09] {bbadger} What do youwant to do then?
[21:30:15] {dfalvey} go ahead
[21:30:23] {bbadger} 
[21:30:28] {bbadger} Web site updated
[21:30:33] {bbadger} http://www.openskills.com/live/index.html
[21:30:38] {bbadger} Everyone OK with the wording?
[21:31:00] {bbadger} I'm entirely happy to have people visit the site noe
[21:31:01] {bbadger} now
[21:31:03] {lifeless} yes
[21:31:12] {bbadger} It makes sense -  no ugly bits
[21:31:18] {bbadger} ... of verbage
[21:31:22] {Doug} Looks good.
[21:31:26] {bbadger} Ah, thanks rob
[21:31:39] {bbadger} OK, so that leads to ...
[21:31:45] {bbadger} Getting OpenSkills linked from other places
[21:31:58] {bbadger} Any ideas?
[21:32:21] {bbadger} I've put in an application to DMOZ 
[21:32:31] {dfalvey} I will see if we can get it added to the Resonate Web site (company I work for)
[21:32:31] {bbadger} Anything else we should do?
[21:32:39] {bbadger} Ah, great
[21:32:59] {bbadger} OK - well, if anyone has any ideas let me know
[21:33:09] {bbadger} ... post to the ctte list or even the dev list
[21:33:21] {bbadger} ... in fact, the dev list would be better, I think
[21:33:56] {bbadger} Also, I've been getting some contacts from agencies out of the blue asking about the SkillsBase and OpenSkills
[21:34:11] {bbadger} And, um, I have a blog running:
[21:34:17] {bbadger} http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/userblogs/badger/blogView
[21:34:25] {bbadger} I'm using it as a tool to promote OpenSkills
... bit I feel I have to talk about a range of stuff, not just OpenSkills
[21:34:34] {bbadger} but
[21:34:55] {bbadger} So, that's it from me in Other Business
[21:34:59] {bbadger} ... anyone else?
[21:35:18] {bbadger} OK
[21:35:21] {bbadger} Date of next meeting?
    How about Mon 28th for a physical meeting?

[21:35:32] {bbadger} You're welcome too Doug!
[21:35:44] {StuartGuthrie} Sounds good.
[21:35:49] {jbadger} 28th Sep is a Tues?
[21:36:02] {bbadger} yes
[21:36:30] {dfalvey} Ok by me
[21:36:52] {bbadger} Ah - Justina points out that's not so good for me - doh!
[21:37:48] {bbadger} Wed 29th?
[21:37:56] {dfalvey} ok
[21:38:00] {StuartGuthrie} ok
[21:38:03] {bbadger} Super
[21:38:10] {bbadger} I'll send out details
[21:38:25] {bbadger} So, with that, I declare the meeting closed
[21:38:30] {bbadger} Thanks, chaps

Next Meeting:
	29th Sep 2004, 7:00pm

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