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Agenda for Committee meeting 16

This meeting will be via Jabber. We will meet in the "committee" room on the Jabber server: committee@conference.jabber.openskills.net.

The meeting will start at 10:00 GMT on 10th August 2004.

Apologies from:


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		10th August 2004, 8:00 pm
Location:	Jabber
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Shane MacPhillamy	(SMP)
		Shawn Rogut		(SR)
		Barry Weinstein

Meeting Summary:
Log from Jabber groupchat window:

[20:07:56] {bbadger} OK - time to start
[20:08:09] {bbadger} I'll work through the agenda
[20:08:15] {bbadger} One point at a time
[20:08:34] {bbadger} * Agree last minutes
[20:08:44] {bbadger} Any comments on the last minutes?
[20:08:51] {dfalvey} approve
[20:08:52] {bbadger} I propose they be accepted
[20:08:57] {pdebotto} seconded
[20:09:01] {jbadger} i'll post them onto the wiki
[20:09:04] {bbadger} Grand
[20:09:33] {bbadger}* OpenSkills.org Stuff
Membership numbers update
[20:09:35] *** Shane has become available
[20:09:41] {bbadger} None since last Tuesday
[20:09:53] {bbadger} We have ~35 paid up members at the moment
[20:10:05] {bbadger} * AGM - Update
The room is booked and we are ready to go. I'll be working on some
slides that follow the AGM agenda per the wiki.
[20:10:09] {bbadger} OK \
[20:10:17] {pdebotto} good work
[20:10:33] {bbadger} We need to get content for the presentation next tue 

+++++ iiNet connection dropped out at the Badgers' household      +++++
+++++ Discussion continued, Jabber log not available for that time +++++

[8:43 PM] bbadger has set the topic to: Committee Meeting #16
[8:43 PM] dfalvey has become available
[8:43 PM]{dfalvey} I disconnected my self,  anybody else still around
[8:44 PM]{Stuart} yup
[8:44 PM]{Shane} Yes
[8:44 PM]{Stuart} Just chatted to Bruce, iinet have dropped the cnnctn
[8:44 PM]{dfalvey} The badger's are still having problems
[8:45 PM]{pdebotto} I'm back
[8:45 PM]{dfalvey} do we continue without them ??
[8:45 PM]{pdebotto} I propose we defer
[8:46 PM]{Stuart} Sorry hold on
[8:46 PM]{Stuart} Bruce said to go through the points in his
[8:46 PM]{Stuart} last email to the commitee list
[8:46 PM]{Stuart} I'm just going to dig for it now..
[8:46 PM]{dfalvey} do you have a copy
[8:46 PM] dcamp has become available
[8:47 PM]{Stuart} lokking looking
[8:48 PM]{dfalvey} I found it on the wiki
[8:48 PM]{pdebotto} I propose Stuart take the chair
[8:48 PM]{Stuart} Great! There isn't  an email fitting the description
[8:49 PM]{Stuart} }I propose Stuart take the chair BAD idea - I can't
names as to whos posting, I'm flying blind.
[8:49 PM]{Stuart} Someone else please?
[8:49 PM]{dfalvey} OpenSkills.org Stuff
Membership numbers update
AGM - Update
Update on contracts - Umbrella/pro-forma for Client {-} OpenSkills & SOW
member {-} client
Corporation Incorporated by Guarantee
Progress on BB's licensing agreement with OpenSkills
Committee pool
OpenSkills.net Stuff
the rest of the org stuff really needs brice so we move onto net
[8:50 PM]{dfalvey} Effort Tracking System (ex Tutos) SkillsBase
[8:50 PM]{dfalvey} so any update on the above
[8:50 PM]{Stuart} Update on contracts - Umbrella/pro-forma for Client
OpenSkills & SOW for member {-} client
Corporation Incorporated by Guarantee
Progress on BB's licensing agreement with OpenSkills

These bits are Bruce,
[8:50 PM]{Stuart} What's committee pool?
[8:51 PM]{pdebotto} That's the remuneration / rewartd programme
[8:51 PM]{Stuart} Bruce again I think ;-(
[8:51 PM]{pdebotto} I wouldn't recommend an online discussion for this
too complex
[8:51 PM]{dfalvey} ok so an update on the effoprt tracking
[8:52 PM]{Stuart} Membership Management

I can contribute that it's moving forward slowly. I've build a basic db
table for the members
[8:52 PM]{Stuart} oops chiped in too fast
[8:52 PM]{dfalvey} who has got effort tracking?
[8:52 PM]{Stuart} Anyone here whos working on effort tracking?
[8:52 PM]{dfalvey} not bruce again
[8:53 PM]{pdebotto} That IS bb and jb
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} Back to me..
[8:53 PM]{dfalvey} ok
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} There is a basic web interface
[8:53 PM]{pdebotto} well done -- more progress than under my stewardship
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} a member table that can be added/updated/delete
written in
[8:53 PM]{pdebotto} got a URL
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} with JSP
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} URL - Nope.
[8:53 PM]{pdebotto} stop ! too impressive
[8:53 PM]{Stuart} It's got a HTTPUNIT test script
[8:54 PM]{pdebotto} HUGE
[8:54 PM]{Stuart} I'm about to start RSN on Paul's document that
[8:54 PM]{Stuart} the starting track from initial contact
[8:54 PM]{Stuart} through to full membership
[8:54 PM]{Stuart} and finally rejection and deporting to Indonesia
[8:54 PM]{Stuart} just kidding
[8:54 PM]{dfalvey} Can you give a breifing for the AGM,  demo maybe?
[8:55 PM]{Stuart} Uuummm. It's basically just a few views currently but
if you want
[8:55 PM]{Stuart} The unit testing bit is kool
[8:55 PM]{dfalvey} might be good
[8:55 PM]{Stuart} did I mention that before?
[8:55 PM]{dfalvey} no
[8:55 PM]{pdebotto} They are YOUR slides
[8:55 PM]{Stuart} Not again. I keep doing that...
[8:55 PM]{dfalvey} does Hamish fothe unit test?
[8:55 PM]{Stuart} OK next...
[8:56 PM]{pdebotto} AGM -- done
[8:56 PM]{pdebotto} Contracts = bb
[8:56 PM]{pdebotto} Dave, what's a corp by guarantee
[8:56 PM]{dfalvey} Finance - No update as Bruce has the bank statement, 
still no millions
[8:57 PM]{pdebotto} Is that where the directors give personal guarantees
[8:57 PM]{Stuart} Damn it.
[8:57 PM]{dfalvey} Its basically changing the structure of teh
to something easy to manipulate
[8:57 PM]{Stuart} Corp by Guarantee is what OSIA do. A lawyer on the
there suggested it.
[8:58 PM]{Stuart} }} Is that where the directors give personal
guarantees ?
So Im guessing its limited liability
[8:58 PM]{dfalvey} we are still evaluating the pros and cons
[8:58 PM]{dfalvey} Bruce had that action as well.
[8:58 PM]{pdebotto} when will OSIA decide
[8:58 PM]{Stuart} OSIA have decided I believe - corp by guarantee is the
[8:59 PM]{Stuart} its a federal thing. That might be why
[8:59 PM]{dfalvey} That was the main benefit ,got us out of NSW laws
[8:59 PM]{dfalvey} more flixible
[8:59 PM]{pdebotto} Sounds too important for this forum !
[8:59 PM]{Stuart} you mean flaxible
[9:00 PM]{pdebotto} Can we defer and move on ? Seconds ?
[9:00 PM]{dfalvey} ok ok
[9:00 PM]{Stuart} Good point - lets do it at next meeting
[9:00 PM]{pdebotto} agreed !
[9:00 PM]{dfalvey} and the next meeting is ?
[9:00 PM]{Stuart} AGM?
[9:00 PM]{dfalvey} Lets set after the AGM on Tuesday
[9:00 PM]{Stuart} date?
[9:01 PM]{dfalvey} Prpose close meeting
[9:01 PM]{pdebotto} 2nd
[9:01 PM]{Stuart} agreed
[9:01 PM]{dfalvey} who takes a copy of the minutes ??
[9:01 PM]{Stuart} Not me, no names are appearing.

Next Meeting:
	To be decided

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