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Agenda for Committee meeting 15

This meeting will be via Jabber. We will meet in the "committee" room on the Jabber server: committee@conference.jabber.openskills.net.

The meeting will start at 09:00 GMT on 3rd August 2004.

Apologies from:


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		3rd August 2004, 7:00 pm
Location:	Jabber
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Shawn Rogut			(SR)
		Shane MacPhillamy		(SMP)
		Barry Weinstein

1.Agree last minutes
2.COM stuff
3.ORG stuff
4.NET stuff
5.Treasury stuff

Action List from last meeting (July 2004):
1.BB to organize venue for AGM.
2.PxB to review contents on the OpenSKills website for potentially misleading information.
Deferred to next meeting.

Meeting Summary:
Log from Jabber groupchat window:

[18:44:24] {bbadger} Hi all
[18:50:31] *** bbadger has set the topic to: Committee meeting 15
[18:50:31] *** jbadger has become available
[18:51:10] {bbadger} Hi[18:51:16] {jbadger} hello
[19:02:22] {bbadger} hi[
19:16:24] *** pdebotto has become available[19:16:25] {bbadger} hi
[19:16:27] {pdebotto} hello
[19:16:37] {jbadger} hello
[19:16:49] {bbadger} OK off we go
[19:16:57] {bbadger} I declare the meeting open
[19:17:09] {pdebotto} Man that was tough -- what a luddite !
[19:17:10] {bbadger} We have apologies from:
[19:17:25] {bbadger} Shane MacPhillamy Dave Falvey
[19:17:46] {bbadger} Everyone else just couldn't figure it out! 
[19:18:01] {bbadger} I propose that the log from this session be taken as the minutes
[19:18:05] {bbadger} Seconded?
[19:18:07] {pdebotto} Agreed
[19:18:08] {jbadger} yes.
[19:18:12] {bbadger} OK
[19:18:17] {bbadger} On to the agenda
[19:18:32] {bbadger} I'll just go through te items and use the text I already sent out
[19:18:46] {bbadger} It's like reading it into the record
[19:18:52] {pdebotto} OK
[19:19:00] {bbadger} The last minutes ommited the vote of thanks to Justina for her work on
the XML libraries.  This must be added before we publish the minutes -
otherwise fine.
[19:19:14] {jbadger} i've added it.
[19:19:17] {bbadger} So, I propose we accept them with that change
[19:19:22] {pdebotto} agreed
[19:19:25] {bbadger} Jolly good
[19:19:35] {bbadger}      * OpenSkills.com Stuff 
             * Business Cards update 
More of the same.  I've been promised information and updates bu have
had none so far.

I propose that we see another on-line card printers.  Anyone want to
look into this?
[19:19:50] {bbadger} ?
[19:19:58] {jbadger} i can
[19:20:00] {bbadger} OK - I'll do it [19:20:04] {bbadger} Oh, OK
[19:20:08] {bbadger} Justina can do it
[19:20:14] {pdebotto} agred 
[19:20:21]{bbadger} [19:20:35] {bbadger}      * OpenSkills.org Stuff 
             * Membership numbers update 
We have two new paid-up members since last month.
[19:20:41] {jbadger} Hooray!
[19:20:44] {bbadger} Indeed
[19:20:48] {jbadger} Do we know them?
[19:20:51] {pdebotto} Outstanding
[19:21:03] {bbadger} Um, well, we know Carsten from the last social evening
[19:21:12] {bbadger} he is one of the ruby chaps
[19:21:22] {bbadger} We also have Doug Camp, which is good...
[19:21:31] {bbadger} ... because he's on the new ctte
[19:21:35] {jbadger} our next vp
[19:21:42] {bbadger} No, that's ashley
[19:21:54] {bbadger} Doug is an ordinary member
[19:21:56] {jbadger} oops.
[19:21:58] {bbadger} ok
[19:22:07] {bbadger} 
             * AGM - Update 
The room is booked and we are ready to go.  I'll be working on some
slides that follow the AGM agenda per the wiki.
[19:22:08] {pdebotto} Their keys are OK ?
[19:22:13] {bbadger} Yup checked
[19:22:30] {bbadger} Anyone have any other input for the AGM?
[19:22:45] {pdebotto} Statutory Stuff only
[19:22:54] {bbadger} OK - I'll get on with the slides
[19:23:04] {bbadger} I'll circulate a copy to the ctte list
[19:23:22] {jbadger} are we going to put something like "what the 6-month / 12-month plan is"
[19:23:36] {bbadger} That's what we agreed last time
[19:23:40] {pdebotto} election of committee memebrs is assumed given no oversupply of candidates ?
[19:23:47] {bbadger} Indeed
[19:23:58] {pdebotto} dave has to do a book of accounts
[19:24:00] {bbadger} that's on the AGM agenda on the wiki here:
[19:24:06] {pdebotto} oops
[19:24:33] {bbadger} http://wiki.openskills.net:10045/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+OpenSkills+AGM+2004
[19:24:48] {bbadger} I can produce the accounts from GNUCash[19:24:56] {bbadger} Dave just needs to give them the nod
[19:25:04] {pdebotto} AGM sounds well in hand...  Moving right along ?
[19:25:14] {bbadger} ... we do need to see the accountant though to finish the accounting detail
[19:25:20] {bbadger} right
[19:25:27] {bbadger} 
             * Progress on being a patron of the Free Software
I'm reluctant to go back to them until we have a good financial
proposal.  In the last exchange they said they were happy with the idea,
and suggested that we base a contribution to the FSF on the fees we
charge members.  Perhaps I should raise this for discussion on the -dev
[19:25:50] {jbadger} good idea.
[19:25:55] {pdebotto} what % did they want ?
[19:25:59] {jbadger} also need to tell the list why being a patron is a good idea.
[19:26:05] {bbadger} Didn't specify
[19:26:19] {jbadger} since it's a "donation"-like thing, I guess it's up to us?
[19:26:24] {pdebotto} go to list -- suggest 2%
[19:26:25] {jbadger} "us" as in the committee?
[19:26:25] {bbadger} I'd say so
[19:26:40] {bbadger} So, let's leave that one for the next ctte
[19:26:43] {bbadger} proposed
[19:26:47] {pdebotto} seconded
[19:26:59] {bbadger}              * Update on contracts - Umbrella/pro-forma for Client {-}
               OpenSkills & SOW for member {-} client 
Colin has been busy with other things, but has found the time to become
convinced that OpenSkills would be better off as a corp. limited by
guarantee (same set up as OSIA).  I think that going for this is a
decision for the next committee, so I'll let Colin know that we'll need 
a clear view of the implication of such a move by the beginning of Sept.

None of the other things got a look-in other than for Colin to say that
the Trademark agreement and the committee pool would be simpler to
implement with a corp limited by guarantee.
[19:27:32] {bbadger} OSIA is Open Source Industry Australia
[19:27:37] {pdebotto} suggest this item has got to be face to face ctte matter
[19:27:47] {jbadger} agree
[19:27:49] {pdebotto} proposed
[19:27:54] {jbadger} seconded
[19:28:01] {pdebotto} carried
[19:28:04] {bbadger} http://www.osia.net.au/
[19:28:06] {bbadger} ok
[19:28:31] {bbadger} The matter is in hand, in an information gathering mode
[19:28:49] {bbadger} 
             * Corporation Incorporated by Guarantee 
Ah.  See above.

             * Progress on BB's licensing agreement with OpenSkills 
See above

             * Committee pool 
See above
[19:28:52] {bbadger} 
[19:28:54] {jbadger} will this change the directors' insurance that we were looking into?
[19:29:08] {bbadger} Ha! I've heard *nothing* back on that
[19:29:18] {pdebotto} gotta be face 2 face too I think
[19:29:18] {bbadger} ... have called several times
[19:29:28] {bbadger} most frustrating
[19:29:43] {jbadger} would Colin know if we need that?
[19:29:54] {jbadger} or would the OSIA person be able to tell us?
[19:30:00] {bbadger} We've asked this before of Colin
[19:30:07] {pdebotto} suggest ctte pool also face 2 face
[19:30:07] {bbadger} ... perhaps OSIA, yes
[19:30:26] {bbadger} Yes, Paul.  For any decision
[19:30:38] {bbadger} ... we are still at the info gather phase of that too
[19:30:59] {bbadger} This should give the new ctte something to get stuck into [19:31:07] {bbadger} OK next item?
[19:31:11] {jbadger} yep
[19:31:14] {bbadger} 
             * Remove "old" committee members from committee mailing
               list once new committee starts?
I propose that the outgoing committee members remain on the list for the
duration of the following year.  The idea is to maintain some continuity
and help the committee memory on occasion. [19:31:17] {pdebotto} yep
[19:31:26] {bbadger} j?
[19:31:31] {jbadger} yep
[19:31:37] {bbadger} carried
[19:31:56] {jbadger} 1 question: they can give input, but cannot vote for decisions?
[19:32:06] {jbadger} "they" as in outgoing committee members
[19:32:44] {bbadger} next item?
[19:33:06] {bbadger} OK - we need to close the meeting now
[19:33:12] {bbadger} Next meeting?
[19:33:19] {jbadger} 17th is the AGM.
[19:33:26] {pdebotto} reports sound acceptable propose they be accepted
[19:33:34] {pdebotto} agreed
[19:33:37] {bbadger} How about if we have another go at this next week?
[19:33:42] {pdebotto} ok
[19:33:43] {jbadger} ok with me.
[19:33:58] {bbadger} Grand.  I declare the meeting closed
[19:34:04] {bbadger} Enjoy dinner, Paul
[19:34:05] {pdebotto} bye and thanks
[19:34:09] {jbadger} cya Paul
[19:34:18] *** pdebotto has left

Action List:
1.JB to look for alternative online business card printers.
2.PxB to review contents on the OpenSKills website for potentially misleading information  (from last meeting)

Next Meeting:
	7:00 pm, 10th August, 2004 via Jabber

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