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Agenda for Committee meeting 14

Apologies from:


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		7th July 2004, 7:00 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Shawn Rogut			(SR)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		Shane MacPhillamy		(SMP)
		Barry Weinstein

1.Agree last minutes
2.COM stuff
3.ORG stuff
4.NET stuff
5.Treasury stuff

Action List from last meeting (May 2004):
1.BB to organize venue for next Social Evening.
2.PxB to review contents on the OpenSKills website for potentially
misleading information.
Deferred to next meeting.

Meeting Summary:
1.Agreed last meeting's minutes.

2.BB gave a round-up of the last Social Evening, which coincided with
the Deb Sig get-together.  Generated interest in OpenSkills.

3.Business Card shop cannot handle the scenario where OpenSkills members
can order business cards with the same design and get billed separately.
~ BB is going to follow up with the shop if any progress has been made on
that front.  Otherwise, BB is going to make the design available to
members so they can do their own printing.

4.OpenSkills has signed up with eGive.  They give us the ability to
accept credit card payments from countries currently not supported by
DF proposed that OpenSkills website has a link to eGive, allowing
members to make donations to eGive, if they desire.
BB seconds the proposal.

5.2 new member applications.

6.Committee nominations: candidates for all positions are filled.  1
nominee, Doug, is not formally a member yet as he has not fulfilled
pre-requisites to be a member.
BB moved to allow Doug up till the AGM to sort out his membership.
SG seconded the proposal.

7.BB moved that all candidates for the new committee be accepted.
SG seconded the proposal.

8.Since there is only 1 candidate per committee position, there is no
need for election.
BB proposed no need for election and the new committee takes effect
after the AGM.
SG seconded the proposal.

9.BB proposed Tuesday, 17th August for the AGM.
SR seconded the proposal.

10.No progress on being a patron of the FSF.

11.Re: Contract for Openskills members, if they wish to use it.
BB has been talking to the lawyer, nothing to report yet.

12.BB learnt that OSIA (Open Source Industry Australia) is set up as a
"corporation limited by guarantee".
BB has asked the lawyer to look into whether there are any benefits to
moving OpenSkills to that (currently, OpenSkills is an "incorporated
Apparently, there are more restrictions to how money can be used within
an "Incorporated" association.

13.BB spoke to the lawyer about the suggestion for a "committee pool".
Lawyer will look into it.

14.Tutos does not seem to fit the requirements as the OpenSkills Effort
Tracking system.
Ashley and Jocelyn will be developing the Effort Tracking System.

The beta version has been available for several weeks and is stable.
BB is working on the management system - how to start it, stop it, etc.
Target to release Version 1 by the end of the month.
Committee thanked Justina for her work on the XML libraries.

16.Membership System.
SG received the Use Case documents from PxB.
SG has started development.
Target to demonstrate a prototype in August.

17.Latest bank statement reviewed.

18.Licensing agreement between BB and OpenSkills under review by the lawyer.

19.SR raised the point that general members going to the AGM would be
interested in the strategic direction (besides the technical and legal
DF agreed.
Suggested agenda items: results from last year, membership numbers, how
we plan to grow; basically, what are the key messages OpenSkills want to
give to the community?
Suggested goals for the next 12 months: Increase the membership base,
get our name known in the community (including potential employers).

Action List:
1.BB to organize venue for AGM.
2.PxB to review contents on the OpenSKills website for potentially
misleading information  (from last meeting)

Next Meeting:
	8:30 pm, 3rd August, 2004 via Jabber

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