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Agenda for Committee meeting 13

Apologies from:


OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:           26th May 2004, 7:00 pm
Location:       62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
                Bruce Badger            (BB)
                Paul de Botton          (PxB)
                David Falvey            (DF)
                Stuart Guthrie          (SG)
                Justina Badger          (JB)

                Shawn Rogut                     (SR)
                Shane MacPhillamy               (SMP)
                Barry Weinstein

1.Agree last minutes
2.COM stuff
3.ORG stuff
4.NET stuff
5.Treasury stuff

Action List from last meeting (March 2004):1.

Meeting Summary:

1.Agreed last meeting's minutes.

2.Tentative date for AGM pushed back to some time in August.  This 
meansnominations would need to be by the end of June.

3.Next OpenSkills social evening to be held in June, aiming for 16th June.BB to
organize venue booking at the James Squire Brew Pub (at King StWharf).

4.BB handed out the new business card to the committee.  Other memberscan 
submit their details on a website to get the same-style businesscard, but with 
their own details.

5.BB gave summary of the DevCon 2004 held in various overseas locationsin 

6.BB met a husband/wife team, who is keen to design the graphics for 
theOpenSkills applications.BB proposed a compensation for them in the form of 
"exclusive designrights" for the year 2005.~From 2006 onwards, BB would like to 
encourage other parties to beinvolved in the design.Committee agreed.

7.A few new members.

8.Meeting originally scheduled with the laywers did not go ahead (BB was away 
at a conference).  No updates for committee regarding umbrellacontract, License 
agreement between BB and OpenSkills, committee funding.

9.SkillsBase has been ported to GemStone.  Demonstrated at the 
SmalltalkSolutions conference in Seattle early May.

10.LDAP service is up and running.Encrypted backup is up and running.  
(Essential because any member canhelp with backup, so the information must be 

11.Roles of .org, .com and .net discussed and closed.PxB raised the concern 
that he viewed the objectives of the Associationhas focused more on skills than 
a broader vision of promoting opensource software.  If other members feel the 
same way, there couldpotentially be a backlash.DF suggested PxB review contents 
on the OpenSkills website to see ifthere is any misleading information.

Action List:
1.BB to organize venue for next Social Evening.
2.PxB to review contents on the OpenSKills website for potentially misleading 

Next Meeting:        23rd June, 2004

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