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Agenda for Committee meeting 12

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Minutes for OpenSkills committee meeting 12 Date: 21st April 2004 Location: 62/1 Murray St. Pyrmont, NSW, Australia

Attendees Bruce Badger (BB) Paul de Botton (PxB) David Falvey (DF) Stuart Guthrie (SG) Justina Badger (JB)

Absentees Shawn Rogut (SR) Shane McPhilllamy (SMP) Barry Weinstein (BW)

The minutes for the last meeting (meeting 11) were accepted. p BB. s PxB

Actions from previous meeting:

1.SG to post on the OpenSkills list regarding Australian open source organisations, and other local commercial business support issues, e.g obtaining research funding. [Carried forward]

2.BB to organise the next OpenSkills social evening. [To be scheduled for after the DevCon 2004 trip]

3.PxB to post on the OpenSkills list re: the free spot on the IBC Open Source Forum by 19th February. [Completed – Rob Collins won the place and attended the Open Source Forum]

4.BB to see if ACS can sponsor a room for the OpenSkills AGM. [The ACS can't help – insurance and after-hours access problems]

5.BB to set up the email address for AGM electronic voting. [vote@openskills.com is available for voting]

6.BB to create a new page on the WIKI for the AGM agenda. [http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/Agenda+for+OpenSkills+AGM+2004]

7.BB to organise getting an Association seal. [In hand]

8.JB to put on next committee agenda: discussion on the roles of.com, .net, .org and their distinction. [Completed]

Agenda items:

OpenSkills.com stuff

The next OpenSkills social evening should be scheduled for late May, after the OpenSkills 2004 DevCon. p.BB s.PxB

The Press contact for OpenSkills will be BB for now. p.DF s.PxB

The OpenSkills banner was shown to the committee. The banner was used at the OpenSource forum, and really stood out. It looks very good. (“Fabulous” - PxB)

The “things” for the last DevCon (2003) and the upcoming DevCon 2004 were revealed. They are small pins saying OpenSkills DevCon 2003 & OpenSkills DevCon 2004 respectively. Committee members were given their 2003 pins.

BB has commissioned the design of some new OpenSkills business cards. The company we are using will allow any member (from anywhere in the world) to order OpenSkills cards for themselves by specifying name / phone /email / website / memberid / key fingerprint. The graphics will also be available to members wishing to use their own printing firm. The committee thought the proposed design was good.

OpenSkills.org stuff

Membership numbers update. We have one new membership application in process, and half a dozen new members of the openskills-dev list. BB said that he felt that membership would only start to seriously grow once some of the key systems (SkillsBase/Membership management) we in place.

AGM Update. Aiming for the 10th June for the AGM. Agenda for the AGM is on the Wiki. Nominations for the OpenSkills committee elections must be made by signed email to the openskills-dev list. Nominees must be OpenSkills members (and may self-nominate). Nominations must be seconded by signed email to the openskills-dev list, and the seconding email must contain the text of the original nomination email. Nominated members must accept nomination by signed email submitted to the openskills-dev list (self nominees need not separately accept their nomination). Nominations currently set to close at midnight on May 23 (UTC) – time determined by the receiving OpenSkills mail server.

Robert Collins won the draw for the OpenSkills place at the Open Source Forum. The committee invites Rob to submit a write-up of the forum to the openskills-dev list (even a small one would be nice).

Update on contracts. This is currently with the lawyer, who is thinking about it.

The membership secretary (PxB) is responsible for assessing applications from people who are unable to have their key signed by two other members (perhaps because they are the first applicants in a country) and signing their key using a 1 year time-limited signature. The membership secretary may delegate this responsibility on a case-by-case basis.

OpenSkills.net stuff

Tutos seems like a fine system (NB SG has used Tutos with a local client, and they seem happy with it). The jury is still out, though, for the use of Tutos as the OpenSkills effort tracking system. The main issue seems to be that Tutos assumes that all users work for the same organisation, where OpenSkills members are not all working for OpenSkills (but rather themselves or an employer or a client). This assumption means that information is visible to all, even when the information should be partitioned by member or even client. DF suggested that we use Tutos to track work done on the internal OpenSkills systems. BB thought this was a jolly good idea. Using Tutos in this way should yield more information. SG asked for a copy of the original effort tracking system specification (BB to supply).

The SkillsBase is currently in the midst of a porting exercise. The system now seems to run nicely in GemStone, though there are some testing issues outstanding. One significant item outstanding is getting XML parsing going in a portable way. JB is looking into this – a hack may well get us over the hump for now. The SkillsBase will be the subject of a talk to be given by BB at this years Smalltalk Solutions to be held in Seattle, WA, USA. The current estimate for a go-live date is early July.

The next infrastructure project to be addressed is to deploy LDAP as the primary repository. Patrick Lesslie is looking into this, so we're in safe hands.

Financial Report

No major change. We have $503.19 in the bank after receiving a few cents in interest.

Other Business

BB Licencing agreement with OpenSkills. The currently proposed terms are on the wiki (http://wiki.openskills.net/OpenSkills/Domains+and+Trademark). This is also with the lawyer for comment.

BB proposed a fund for committee members with the aim of compensating committee members for their time and effort, and encouraging committee members to take an active interest in the long term viability of OpenSkills. The details of the fund were distributed in an earlier email on the committee list, and will be added to the wiki once these minutes are approved.

The possibility of obtaining a government grant to give impetus to the development of the key OpenSkills systems was discussed. SG to try and arrange a meeting with a contact of his.

Discussion on the roles of .com, .net and .org deferred to the next meeting.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for Wed 26th May 2004.


BB to supply SG with effort tracking system specification. DF to research the use of a Diners Club meeting room for the 2004 AGM BB to update the AGM page on the wiki with details agreed in this meeting SG to arrange a meeting with the NSW govt contact with a view to obtaining a grant to assist with development of key OpenSkills systems.

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