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Agenda for Committee meeting 11

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OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		18th February 2004, 7:00 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Shawn Rogut			(SR)
		Shane MacPhillamy		(SMP)
		Barry Weinstein


  1. Agree last minutes
  2. ORG stuff
  3. NET stuff
  4. Treasury stuff
  5. COM stuff
  6. Other
Action List from last meeting (14 January 2003):
  1. SG and PxB to propose a date/time and venue for the 2004 AGM. Done.
  2. BB to ask the lawyer regarding the need for an Association seal. Done.
  3. PxB to put a post on the OpenSkills list re: the free spot on the IBC Open Source Forum. Not done. To be done by 19th February.
  4. DF to involve Resonate in helping evaluate Tutos. Started evaluation - will continue.
  5. BB to ask the laywer re: risk / liability on functions endorsed by OpenSkills. Done. BB now to ask AON for advice.
Meeting Summary:
  1. Agreed last meeting's minutes.
  2. SFG raised the subject of professional association dedicated to promoting open source software and Linux in a commercial context within Australia. The question was, how should OpenSkills relate to these organisations. Should OpenSkills actively support them, or encourage local members to support them. SFG will initiate a discussion on the OpenSkills-dev list on this subject.
  3. Committee agree that we should have another OpenSkills social evening.
    DF suggests that the invite should remind/encourage members to bring along other people who might be interested.
  4. The person who was available originally to help with developing the Membership system has found full-time employment.
    So, progress has been delayed.
  5. SG and PxB propose AGM to be held at the ACS (if possible) on 10th June 2004 (Thursday). Optional dinner and/or drinks afterwards.
    Electronic (proxy) voting by email will be allowed, digital signatures will be necessary. A specific email address will be announced to send signed voting instructions to. AGM agenda needs to be published for members.
  6. OpenSkills does need a physical Association seal.
    BB to organize for one.
  7. BB asked approval from Committee to start negotiation with the Free Software Foundation re: OpenSkills being a patron.
    Being a patron could mean OpenSkills can put the FSF logo on the website.
    Since FSF publish a list of their sponsors, OpenSkills will be listed on their website.
    Committee approves.
  8. BB proposed that the Association should revisit the umbrella contract between the Association and a client organization.
    The umbrella contract establishes the rules and conditions under which the OpenSkills members will follow when doing work for the client organization.
    It then means a Statement of Work is all that is necessary for individual members to start doing work for that client organization - no new contract is necessary.

    PxB is concerned that the Association has a contractual obligation with a client company. He suggests that OpenSkills publish a pro-forma contract that members can download (or obtain in some form), if they wish, as the base contract to use for client work.

    Legal advice needs to be sought to understand the implications of an umbrella contract. This could become a costly exercise.

    DF proposes that we have the pro-forma contract for now, then revisit the need and benefits for an umbrella contract later.

    BB to bring the above issues to the lawyer in a preliminary meeting.
  9. 2 new member applications in progress.
  10. Backup process has started and is run daily.
  11. The list server is in production (Yahoo group is no longer used).
  12. BB would like to experiment with Tutos a bit longer before a decision is made on whether to adopt it as the effort tracking system.
    DF suggests that SG use Tutos with his project to get a better idea.
    DF also suggests that Jocelyn looks at the schema to see if it's easy to pull the data out. Also Jocelyn can look at how easy it is to put a different user interface (or change it) to suit our needs.
  13. Linux Australia has a credit card facility. BB is talking with them to see if OpenSkills can use that. This would be good for those who have problems with PayMate.
  14. Committee discussed BB's draft of the agreement between OpenSkills and BB re: the use of domain name and trademark.
    There is some concern that getting out of the agreement is required to be bilateral.
    BB to talk to Colin about this.
Action List:
  1. SG to post on the OpenSkills list regarding Australian open sourec organizations, and other local commecial business support issues, e.g obtaining research funding.
  2. BB to organize the next OpenSkills social evening.
  3. PxB to post on the OpenSkills list re: the free spot on the IBC Open Source Forum by 19th February.
  4. BB to see if ACS can sponsor a room for the OpenSkills AGM.
  5. BB to set up the email address for AGM electronic voting.
  6. BB to create a new page on the WIKI for the AGM agenda.
  7. BB to organize getting an Association seal.
  8. JB to put on next committee agenda: discussion on the roles of.com, .net, .org and their distinction.
Next Meeting:
	18th March, 2004

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