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Agenda for Committee meeting 10

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OpenSkills Committee Meeting Minutes

Date:		21 January 2004, 7:00 pm
Location:	62/1 Murray St, Pyrmont, Australia
		Bruce Badger		(BB)
		Paul de Botton		(PxB)
		David Falvey		(DF)
		Stuart Guthrie		(SG)
		Shawn Rogut		(SR)
		Justina Badger		(JB)
		Shane MacPhillamy	(SMP)
		Barry Weinstein


  1. Agree last minutes
  2. ORG stuff
  3. NET stuff
  4. Treasury stuff
  5. COM stuff
  6. Other

Action List from last meeting (03 December 2003):

  1. JB to complete the AON forms. Done.
  2. BB to obtain a director's insurance quote from AON. Not done.
  3. SG to draft the OpennSkills social event cheat-sheet for further discussions with the committee. Done.
  4. BB to draft the ACS strategy, post it onto the WIKI for further discussions. Done.
  5. JB to add to regular agenda: report of membership numbers, finance report. Done.
  6. JB to add to next meeting's agenda: discuss BB's licensing agreement with OpenSkills Done.
  7. SR to prepare a survey form and send out to the mailing list (brought forward from last meeting). Not done.
  8. BB to put together a list of services provided by OpenSkills and the charges, if any, associated with them (brought forward from last meeting). Not done.
  9. SR to produce the monthly newsletter to the dev group (brought forward from last meeting). Not done.
  10. BB to put up the Monograma url and address so members, if they wish, could visit them to buy shirts, caps, etc. with the OpenSkills logo. Done.

Meeting Summary:

  1. Agreed last meeting's minutes.
  2. Use cases for Membership system under review. First step is to evaluate potential products for a good fit. Linux Australia is also going to put together a Membership system. Keep an eye on that.
  3. Number of people on the mailing list has increased. Number of members is the same.
  4. AGM need to be in May / June 2004. Recognized a need for a voting system. Not feasible to have one in place before the AGM. Given the small number of members, an alternative will be used this year. SG and PxB to form a sub-committee to organize the AGM and manage the voting process.
  5. Committee to call for expressions of interest (members only) in the free spot on the IBC Open Source Forum. Committee will draw who gets the free spot at the next meeting. This person must write up a synopsis of what s/he has learnt from the Forum on the wiki. PxB to send out an email about the draw.
  6. A person from Lebanon joined OpenSkills and has been doing work to get Tutos (potential Effort Tracking System) up and running. Current status: need to set up accounts and use it in order to evaluate it. DF to ask Resonate to help.
  7. SkillsBase status
    • authentication via Squid (asks for authentication based on URL). Eventually authentication data will come from LDAP, but for now comes from flat files.
    • next step is to get persistence going.
  8. List sever: can move from Yahoo Group once the backup mechanism is checked out.
  9. WIKI: automatic start-up when VM starts up (SYSV init script being written)
  10. BB proposed an open source development workshop endorsed by OpenSkills. BB has spoken to the ACS president about the possiblity of using ACS facilities on a weekend to do so. PxB raised the question of risk or liability to OpenSkills by endorsing such a workshop. BB to ask the lawyer. Proposed that whoever is attending a workshop say so on the mailing list.
  11. Committee agreed that the limit of the Association exposure should be "supporting or endorsing the workshop and maybe enabling the workshop by providing networking capability". Final decision to be agreed via committee mailing list. Any funding will come under the marketing budget, limit 200 AUD.
  12. Current association bank account balance is approx. 482 AUD.
  13. Westpac bank account has been set up for on-line banking. BB, JB and DF are the signatories on the account. Need at least 2 signatures for withdrawals.
  14. A company SR and SG has dealt with previously is keen to know more about open source. Interested in having BB give them a dry-run of the presentation he's going to give at the IBC Open Source Forum. Opportunity for marketing OpenSkills. PxB raised the concern that a commercial company might use OpenSkills to make a pitch. It is essential to let the company know that OpenSkills cannot directly make commercial commitments.
Action List:
  1. SG and PxB to propose a date/time and venue for the 2004 AGM.
  2. BB to ask the lawyer regarding the need for an Association seal.
  3. PxB to put a post on the OpenSkills list re: the free spot on the IBC Open Source Forum.
  4. DF to involve Resonate in helping evaluate Tutos.
  5. BB to ask the laywer re: risk / liability on functions endorsed by OpenSkills.
Next Meeting:
	11th February, 2004

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