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8th May 2003 Charter

The version of the OpenSkills Association rules released by the lawyer on 8th May 2003 are available for download here:

This new version includes change information if opened using Microsoft Word. Similar change information is available using the OpenOffice document comparason feature on the two versions of the rules document.


The rules seem to be pretty much where we need them to be. The exceptions are discussed here. Please add to the following as you see necessary.

Contents Section

The contents section does not reflect the actual contents of the rules.

Section 4

After much debate, we have concluded that we would like to strike-out the parts of this section which refer to provisional members. This is the only section in the rules which discusses provisional members, and the committee feels that the journey to being a member can be handled by procedures outside the association rules.

Section 21

Para 3. Typo: "as many be" should be "as may be"

Section-31 (Making of decisions)

We would not like to limit voting at the AGM to a pysical show of hands. The following tries to capture what we would like ...

People attending the AGM in person will be registered in order to know who is present. All decisions or resolutions to be made at the AGM must be announced beforehand (already covered in the Rules). All electronic voting on an AGM matter must be concluded before the start of the AGM; the results will be kept confidential by the Secretary until the show-of-hand voting on the matter at the AGM s complete. The Secretary then hands the votes to the chair of the AGM, who will count them and declare the final result. Attendance at the AGM nullifies any electronic voting done previously on matters subsequently voted upon at the AGM.

Part 5

Part 5 is introduced to cover areas in which the association will use electronic means of executing administration. Specifically regarding making resolutions (section 35), voting (section 36) and signing (section 37).

Section 35

A clearer non-lawyer wording might be:

"Meetings do not require the physical presence of all participants when forming resolutions. Participants of a meeting can indicate agreement to a resolution in the normal way (show of hands etc.) if physically present, or by electronic means if participating in the meeting electronically. To indicate agreement electronically, a participant must sign the resolution (signing is defined in section 37). Each participant may sign a different copy of a resolution, but each copy must be provably identical. The resolution is said to have been made at the date and time of the last indication of agreement."

We also see the need to specify time window within which participants of a meeting can indicate agreement to a given resolution.

Section-36 (Electronic Voting)

Paragraph 1

We would like to be able to use electronic means for all voting. So perhaps this paragraph should start with...

The members intend that all matters may be resolved by resolution through electronic voting ...

Last paragraph (the second paragraph numbererd 2)

Colin (the lawyer) suggests that this paragraph should be worded as follows. We agree.

For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions relating to Electronic Resolutions do not apply to the voting by members participating in a meeting by electronic means as permitted pursuant to rule X. All such voting will be conducted by the means in which that member is participating in the relevant meeting.

Appendix-1 Application for membership

We would like the application form to include a request for an email address. This would be in addition to the request for a physical address.

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