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6th June 2003 Rules

The version of the OpenSkills Association rules released by the lawyer on 6th June 2003 are available for download here:

The document files includes change information if opened using Microsoft Word. Similar change information is available using the OpenOffice document comparason feature on the two versions of the rules document.


Section 3

3.1.a: We would prefer this to read "must be made by a member of the association in such a form as determined by the committee from time to time.". We never intend to use a paper application form, we will always use electronic applications, and would not like to be forced to accept a paper form because of this rule.

Colin Goldrick (CG)- In order to get this through the Dept of Fair Trading, it would be better to leave in the paper forms. I am not sure how technologically savvy the administrators there will be!

Note that the clause says "OR such other form as determined by the committee from time to time..." (emphasis added). If the committee decides to use another form (such as an electronic form), there is no obligation to accept the form in the schedule, but give that the application form is in fact an agreement between the applicant and the association that the application will abide by the constitution, you should keep a "signed" and verifiable application form on record. (end CG comment)

Section 4

4.3: Should be numbered (1).

CG - this will fix itself once the markups are removed

Section 21

21.3: Typo: "as many be" should be "as may be"

CG - noted

Section 31 (Making of decisions)

31.1: This explicitly says "...show of hands". If "show of hands" also means show of proxy hands, this is OK. Otherwise, there should be some mention of proxies (perhaps a reference to section 33 or 34).

CG - A show of hands, does not include proxies, but note that a poll(which includes proxies) can be demanded by any three persons present in person or by proxy. In the case of an electronic resolution, the secretary would be in breach of his/her duty if a poll was not demanded. If there is likely to be any situation where there you think that a show of hands could cause a problem, the clause can be amended to require polls in all cases. (end comment)

Section 34

34.2: We would prefer this to read "The notice appointing the proxy is to be set out in such a form as determined by the committee from time to time.". As with 3.1.a, we do not intend to ever accept paper forms.

CG - see comments on 3.1, especially wrt keeping records.

Section 35

35.1.c: "special general meeting" should read "general meeting" (2 occurances).

CG comment - special general meeting is only a general meeting other than the annual general meeting, but can be deleted. (end comment)

Section 36

36.2: Should refer to 36.1 (not 35.1)

36.2.b: "... the case may be." should read "... as the case may be."

Section 38

38.2: Should be numbered (1).

CG - noted

Appendix 1 & Appendix 2

We would like these forms either removed, or if they must be there, marked as samples.

CG - not recommended - see comments above.

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