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14th March 2003 Charter

The first draft of the set of documents which define OpenSkills was released on 14th March 2003. This page contains the comments on those documents used in forming the next draft.

Note: if you are making comments as you read the documents, I recommend that you keep the notes in a text editor and then paste the final set into the wiki editor. This is so that your changes to the wiki don't get overwritten by someone else, and so you don't overwrite other peoples work with your own. In a wiki, that last write wins.

It's worth noting that if the formatting or numbering in the documents looks odd, it is because they were produced using [MS Word > .rtf > OpenOffice > .pdf] and some things got messed up in the translation.

The cover letter

People do need to be aware that the first legal manifestation of OpenSkills will be a NSW Australian entity. I think that the 5 people needed to form the association need to be based in NSW (I'll check that). Perhaps the next BBQ could be the inaugural meeting?

Association Objectives

This first draft shows the objectives as: "To provide a forum for the development and promotion of open-source related project management and a resource repository for members".

It sounds a bit like OpenSkills is just about project management. In a way, I suppose this is right - OpenSkills provides members with the tools to help them manage their work.

Point 3 refers to a "skills repository for members wishing in to work in or conduct open source projects." - This sounds like that the repository is restricted for use only to open source projects, which I don't think is the objective. Maybe the words "open source" should be taken out?

Rules of the Association

We perhaps need to state up-front that the Association is founded under NSW Australia law. Also, the implications of this for non NSW residents should be clear.

Clause 2: We need to understand clearly who can be a member. Perhaps there should be no restrictions, other than perhaps on people who have been previously thrown out. Also, does the nationality/residency affect the ability of a person to be a member and/or office holder?

Clause 3: The nomination and approval process might become a bottleneck should OpenSkills go through a rapid growth period unless it can be automated. Nomination being in writing is OK if "writing" includes email. This also applies to voting (33) where "personally" should include electronic voting.

Clause 4: Provisional members vs full members. Do we need this distinction? Is there a need for these 2 types of membership for OpenSkills? What will it achieve? If there is such a distinction, when does membership transition from provisional to full?

Clause 7: nothing is mentioned about the resigned member later re-applying as a member. Is this allowed? - will the (re)application be considered just like any other new application?

Clause 8: The register should not be a big book, but rather a database of some kind.would LDAP be sufficient? Also, is saying that any member can look at the membership details of any other member going too far? It should be possible for members change their own details on the register, though the secretary should be notified.

Clause 9: Amounts of money should specify currency. e.g. 1 AUD, not just $1. These fees should be structured to reduce the barrier to entry.

Clause 11: Is there a legal definition of "disupte"? Must it be resolved by an external mediating center? If the dispute is between members, can the committee be the mediator?

Clause 21: will committee meetings be announced to the association members? if so, can ordinary members attend? if not, will the minutes of these meeting be made available to the members?

Cluase 26 (5): is there a legal definition of what constitutees a legitimate expense for reimbursement by the association?

Appendix 1: The application form asks for "occupation". I think this is unnecessary. Also, I'd like to see the application being on-line rather than in paper form.

Resolution of establishment

General questions

What about the charter? Where does it fit in among all the legal stuff the lawyer has proposed?

Can non-members work on an OpenSkills project? - or must they join first?

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