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Welcome to the OpenSkills® Wiki.

This OpenSkills Wiki is the editable repository for OpenSkills users, guests, subscribers and members. This start page contains general guidelines, a contents summery and where to find what.

OpenSkills Wiki is our free OpenSkills encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It is a central place or repository where all OpenSkills data is stored and maintained. If this is your first visit to our wiki, please have a look at the wiki introduction and wiki code of conduct.

Main Index categories.

  How To Use OpenSkills  Find out how to join us, and how to use the SkillsBase or Mailing Lists and more!
When calling another member, please remember to check their local time.
 OpenSkills Committee and Organisation  Find out more about OpenSkills, The Association, Membership, rules & regs, admin and Meetings, why it's interesting for you to be a member or other organizational matters, e.g. items about Marketing & Promotion, the front door: (www.openskills.org) or Contact OpenSkills.
 OpenSkills Services, Development and System Manuals  Learn more about the wide range of development activities. Go to the overview of our Systems & Infrastructure or look for one of our Wiki System Manuals e.g. SkillsBase, MMS, Mail Lists, Effort Tracking
 OpenSkillsCommunities  The OpenSkills database contains people and their skills from all over the world. Some of the larger communities are open source, Smalltalk and project management.

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